Calibration and Inspection of Weighing Equipment in Concrete Plants

The quality of concrete is determined by the composition of the product from the various raw materials. Correct weighing of the quantities of raw materials is therefore essential in the composition of concrete. By calibrating and inspecting the weighing instruments during weighing, the correctness of the weighing is verified and the quality of the concrete mortar product is guaranteed.

Kalibra can help you with calibration according to the OIML R51 standard and the inspection of calibrated weighing instruments in accordance with the Metrological regulations, laid down in the Metrology Act. This ensures the requirements of the BRL 1801 are met.

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Kalibra provides the calibration of automatic weighing instruments. The activities are carried out on location, in the usage situation. Weighing instruments to be calibrated include:

  • Weighing instruments for weighing cement
  • Weighing instruments for weighing gravel
  • Weighing instruments for weighing sand
  • Weighing instruments for weighing water
  • Weighing instruments for weighing supplements
  • Weighing instruments for weighing ancillary materials

Other calibration of measuring equipment such as non-automatic weighing instruments and thermometers can also be provided by Kalibra. Kalibra can also assist you in this work with consultancy.

Inspection of Weighing Instruments

The inspection of various weighing instruments is carried out by assessing the metrological properties of the weighing instruments. This is done after calibration of the weighing instruments. Inspection can be carried out on new weighing instruments, weighing instruments that have recently been repaired, or on weighing instruments that are in use.

Kalibra Accreditation

Kalibra can assist you with both calibration and inspection of weighing instruments. Kalibra is independent of suppliers and therefore a formally designated government agency for the inspection of automatic weighing instruments in accordance with European regulations (CE).

Kalibra has an ISO 17020 accredited quality system for inspection. Inspections based on this standard meet the mandatory periodic inspection according to the BRL 1801 standard for concrete mortar plants.

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