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Kalibra focuses on increasing the reliability and safety of your business processes. We are always available locally, with our headquarters in Delft and branch offices throughout the country.

Kalibra focuses on increasing the reliability and safety of your business processes. We are always available locally, with our headquarters in Delft and branch offices throughout the country. Kalibra employs approx. 120 people, spread across the country. They are full-time engaged in the calibration and validation of your measuring instruments and (process) equipment. Kalibra also provides inspections, management, preventive maintenance, adjustment, and repair services.

Facts and figures

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Vision and Mission

We live in a 24-hour economy. Producers and service providers are expected to deliver a reliable product at any time of the day. This requires an efficient and optimally streamlined production process.

Kalibra helps companies increase the reliability and safety of their business processes. We do this by carefully adjusting critical process parameters and measuring instruments. We carry out the maintenance of installations both smartly and efficiently, so that your production process can continue without unnecessary costs and disruptions.

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Our History

For almost 30 years, since 1990, Kalibra has been the organisation for all your calibrations, validations, and inspections. We are also recognised by several international bodies. Together with our 120 employees, we carry out the aforementioned activities on a daily basis. Our specialists are present nationwide, to put our knowledge into practice at your location. We are particularly proud of this fact!

Since 19 June 2009, we are part of ENGIE Netherlands. Regardless, we are the same Kalibra as before, with our familiar customer-oriented and personal approach. We are highly familiar with all of our regular clients. We are also a member of the Industry Association for calibration organisation, called Fenelab.

For Farmers supplies animal feeds and ensures that the correct amount of products are delivered to its customers. All weighing instruments used for this are periodically calibrated by Kalibra.

In order to perform these activities, it is important that the production process is minimally disrupted; the facilities Kalibra uses are all owned by the client. Kalibra calibrates all sorts of weighing equipment, regardless of brand, type, and weighing range.

BOVAG Ledenwinkel has qualified and selected Kalibra for calibration of measuring equipment and inspection work equipment for members who carry out maintenance on cars.

Because of their maintenance workshop, on-site calibration of the various types of measuring equipment and the inspection of work equipment is important. Kalibra provides these calibrations and on-site inspections using mobile measuring chambers.

I’ve been working with Kalibra for many years now. Not only at my current job, but also through my previous employee, both active in Life Sciences.

One important motivation has always been the available expertise in the field of calibration and validation. This is not only apparent from the knowledge of the qualified people who carry out the work, but is deeply rooted throughout the entire organisation.

HAK is a Dutch company by nature. They harvest almost all of their vegetables from Dutch soil. After all, that which is familiar and grown locally is always tastier.

As a global energy company, Shell is committed to meeting high standards of results and ethical behaviour.

Every day, two billion people use Unilever products to look good, feel good, and get more out of life.

Janssen Biologics is a growing force in healthcare worldwide. They are currently opening new paths in the development of medicine. Throughout this process, patients’ needs are always their primary concern.

Kalibra has the biggest range of services for all on-site calibration and validation.

We offer the following services:


Calibration is the comparison of a measured value using a measuring system with an actually measured value with a standard to determine the deviation.


Validation of critical facilities, spaces, instruments, and equipment provides insight into whether requirements are met, and therefore whether an object is suitable for the intended goal.


Metrological inspection involves testing whether a measuring instrument complies with metrological legislation. Kalibra is a formal inspection body. We carry out inspections as an independent institution. A metrological inspection guarantees objectivity and expertise.

Calibration of Measuring Instruments

Kalibra is an expert in the field of different types of calibrations. We can calibrate both individual measuring equipment as well as permanently installed measuring equipment in the production process.


Trained and experienced Kalibra employees are available on call for a either a short or longer period. Even a couple of days a year is possible.


When it comes to calibrations and validations, our consultancy services can always provide you with advice and guidance. After all, before any inspections are performed, it is important that the starting points and test criteria are well defined.

Gas detection

Kalibra is an authorized sales and service point of mercury vapor meters from Arizona Instruments (AZI). You can also contact us for the rental and purchase of mercury vapor meters.

Maintenance and Management

It should go without saying that your systems should work exactly as intended. Your employees must be able to safely operate their equipment.