The quality of analyses performed in the laboratory is determined by the reliability of measurements and the execution of analysis processes under controlled process conditions.


Measurement technology is essential in the laboratory. The correctness of measurements is guaranteed by calibration of measuring instruments. Validation of processes guarantees the right conditions, such as preparation, processing, and storage of products; a safe or a clean working environment. Specific quality requirements often apply for the execution of the work, in particular in order to meet the requirements for the quality or safety of a particular product, as laid down in GMP standards or the ISO 17025 standard.

Kalibra’s services include the calibration of measuring equipment and validation of (measuring) processes.

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Calibration of Measuring Instruments

Kalibra provides calibration of measuring instruments in laboratories, such as the calibration of weighing instruments, thermometers, hygrometers, pressure gauges, and electrical measuring instruments. The activities are carried out on location; if possible in the usage situation. Examples of calibrations include:

  • Weighing instruments for accurate product weighing
  • Hygrometers for measuring humidity in a climate cabinet
  • Frequency meters at stirrers
  • Pressure gauges during process preparation
  • Flow meters when supplying liquids in a product
  • Thermometers in freezers; refrigerators, stoves, or ovens.

Kalibra can also assist you in this work with consultancy.


Validation of Rooms for Management of Environmental Conditions

In laboratories, Kalibra provides validation of rooms with controlled environmental conditions, such as the validation of clean rooms or air-conditioned rooms. The activities are carried out on location; if possible in the usage situation. Examples of spaces to be validated include:

  • Clean rooms for ensuring a clean working environment
  • LAF cabinets, fume cupboards, and microbiological safety benches
  • CO2 incubators
  • Freezers, refrigerators, stoves, or ovens

Kalibra can also assist you in this work with consultancy.

Calibration and Validation by Kalibra

Kalibra possesses an ISO 17025 accredited quality system, for both the calibration of measuring instruments and the validation of rooms. Kalibra is therefore a qualified supplier for ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. Employees are qualified to work in GMP environments.

Several activities can be combined in succession, so that the number of suppliers remains limited for the various activities.

Kalibra is not a supplier of equipment. This guarantees the objectivity of measurements and services.

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Kalibra specialises in calibrations and validations. In addition, we also perform (metrological) inspections. Our services at a glance:


Calibration is the comparison of a measured value using a measuring system with an actually measured value with a standard to determine the deviation.


Validation of critical facilities, spaces, instruments, and equipment provides insight into whether requirements are met, and therefore whether an object is suitable for the intended goal.


Metrological inspection involves testing whether a measuring instrument complies with metrological legislation. Kalibra is a formal inspection body. We carry out inspections as an independent institution. A metrological inspection guarantees objectivity and expertise.

Calibration of Measuring Instruments

Kalibra is an expert in the field of different types of calibrations. We can calibrate both individual measuring equipment as well as permanently installed measuring equipment in the production process.


Trained and experienced Kalibra employees are available on call for a either a short or longer period. Even a couple of days a year is possible.


When it comes to calibrations and validations, our consultancy services can always provide you with advice and guidance. After all, before any inspections are performed, it is important that the starting points and test criteria are well defined.

Gas detection

Kalibra is an authorized sales and service point of mercury vapor meters from Arizona Instruments (AZI). You can also contact us for the rental and purchase of mercury vapor meters.

Maintenance and Management

It should go without saying that your systems should work exactly as intended. Your employees must be able to safely operate their equipment.