Validation: Validate whether your critical spaces and equipment comply with (internal) national guidelines


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Why validation is important 

The validation of critical facilities, spaces, instruments, and equipment is important because it provides insight into whether requirements are met, and therefore whether an object is suitable for the intended goal.

Why you should choose Kalibra

  •  Assessment takes place on the basis of (inter)national standards and guidelines or on the basis of customer-specific requirements.
  • Our customers operate in many different markets with a diversity of regulatory authorities, which is why we are happy to discuss our services with you to best suit your needs.
  • We deliver a report with every validation, which clearly show whether the requirements are met. In case of deviations, we will make recommendations and, if desired, guide the optimisation process.
  • We have experienced engineers to ensure the fastest and most accurate validation

Validations we are mainly specialized in;

  • Clean rooms and ORs;
  • Thermal studies (mapping) of temperature-controlled equipment and spaces;
  • Laboratory equipment;
  • Washing and sterilisation equipment (Central Sterilisation Department);
  • (Medical) gases.

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We perform validations in the following markets

Validation healthcare




validation food



Semiconductor industry

Validation fine mechanics

Fine mechanics

Kalibra is branche-oriented

Kalibra works branche-oriented. Every branche is different and requires a different approach. Click on your branche below for more information.


Food safety is paramount when producing food products. Calibration of measuring instruments guarantees their accuracy and ensures your products meet all quality and filling requirements.


The correct validation of your conditioned rooms, the perfect coordination of your sensors: in hospitals and healthcare institutions, you must meet strict requirements for the ambient conditions of patients.


Strict requirements apply to the production and development of medicines. For example, think of quality assurance such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and organisations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The quality of analyses performed in the laboratory is determined by the reliability of measurements and the execution of analysis processes under controlled process conditions.

Process and Petrochemical Industry

Kalibra assists you with the quality and safety assurance of your installations and measuring instruments – all according to your own rules and the applicable requirements.

Refrigeration Maintenance

The quality of measuring equipment and tools for the maintenance and repair of refrigeration installations is essential to ensure the maintenance status of the equipment.


Quality and safety in the energy sector are extremely important. Kalibra can assist you with the quality and safety assurance of your installations and measuring instruments – all according to your own rules and the applicable requirements.

Concrete Industry

The quality of concrete is determined by the composition of the product from the various raw materials. Correct weighing of the quantities of raw materials is therefore essential in the composition of concrete.


The quality of measuring equipment and tools for car maintenance and repair is essential to ensure proper maintenance and safety of the work.

Metal and Plastics Industry

The quality of products produced with metal and plastics is partly determined by the correct shape and dimensions of the product. Measuring technology is therefore essential in the metal and plastics industry.