Process Calibration

Calibration is the process of determining a deviation from the standard. These calibrations are performed by Kalibra on-site.

Calibration is the process of determining a deviation from the standard. When calibrating measuring instruments, we determine the deviation (bias) of the instruments. In process calibration, the calibrations are performed during production stops or production itself. These calibrations are performed by Kalibra on-site.

Calibration On-Site

Kalibra will visit you on location for a calibration. All instruments can be calibrated in the field, so removal is not necessary. The calibrations can be performed during production or production stops. This is efficient and saves you time and work.

Process calibrations are usually performed in order. This means that the entire measuring circuit of the measuring instrument up to and including the reading (SCADA, for example) is calibrated. In some cases we may also remove the transmitters/measuring instruments and calibrate these centrally. For example, this may be done in a mobile measuring chamber under strict conditions. After calibration the instruments are put back in place, and a walk check is performed to inspect the measuring circuit.

A project leader is appointed for all of these projects. He/she will serve as a contact person for all matters related to general planning, implementation, and administrative handling.
During execution, our on-site foreman will coordinate the work and maintain close contact with the client’s contact person.

In case of periodic implementation, Kalibra will try to deploy the same employees. This will ensure safe, smooth, and high-quality execution of the project within the stipulated time frame.

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All of our work is performed according to the following principles:

  • Activities are carried out on location.
  • All instruments can be calibrated in the field, no removal required.
  • Kalibra will always deploy experienced and qualified calibration specialists.
  • We will any report deviations that are greater than the maximum permissible deviation. After approval, adjustments will be made and recalibration will be performed.
  • We will always publish a follow-up report.


We record all calibration activities in a clear report. This report will including the following:

  • An overview of calibrated instruments.
  • An overview of instruments that have not been calibrated, including the reason for this.
  • An overview of adjustments and recalibrations.
  • A calibration certificate per calibrated instrument. When an instrument has been adjusted, you will receive both an ‘as found’ and ‘as left’ certificate.

Our reports are supplied digitally or made available in KISS (LINK to KISS). On request, we can also supply them on paper.

In the event clients use their own databases and want to use these to record our reports, Kalibra can take care of this. Examples include clients with a CMX database, in which we can load our calibration data directly from the Beamex calibrator.

VCA certified

Kalibra is VCA certified. This means that all work is performed in accordance with technical health and safety requirements. Kalibra specialists can present valid identification and a current VCA diploma at any time. This demonstrates that we are qualified in the field of safe, sustainable, and healthy working.

Our service engineers are employed directly by us and are trained for and in the possession of:

  • Calibration of process instrumentation at similar customers
  • Various calibration and inspection standards and guidelines
  • VCA basic safety certificate
  • All required PPE
  • Appointment is recorded in a personal safety log

How can Kalibra assist you?

Kalibra specialises in performing accredited calibrations and is happy to take any worry off your hands. We work entirely in accordance with the internationally recognised calibration standard ISO 17025.

Do you have any questions or are you looking for sound advice? Please contact one of our advisers by phone, submit your question via our contact form, or request a free quotation.

Kalibra specializes in calibration and validation. We also provide inspections and metrological inspections. This is what we do:


Calibration is the comparison of a measured value using a measuring system with an actually measured value with a standard to determine the deviation.


Validation of critical facilities, spaces, instruments, and equipment provides insight into whether requirements are met, and therefore whether an object is suitable for the intended goal.


Metrological inspection involves testing whether a measuring instrument complies with metrological legislation. Kalibra is a formal inspection body. We carry out inspections as an independent institution. A metrological inspection guarantees objectivity and expertise.

Calibration of Measuring Instruments

Kalibra is an expert in the field of different types of calibrations. We can calibrate both individual measuring equipment as well as permanently installed measuring equipment in the production process.


Trained and experienced Kalibra employees are available on call for a either a short or longer period. Even a couple of days a year is possible.


When it comes to calibrations and validations, our consultancy services can always provide you with advice and guidance. After all, before any inspections are performed, it is important that the starting points and test criteria are well defined.

Gas detection

Kalibra is an authorized sales and service point of mercury vapor meters from Arizona Instruments (AZI). You can also contact us for the rental and purchase of mercury vapor meters.

Maintenance and Management

It should go without saying that your systems should work exactly as intended. Your employees must be able to safely operate their equipment.